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Darling's Nutrition is a family owned and operated animal feed and mineral
manufacturing company servicing the mid west region of the United States. For
over 30 years we have been a leader in development of specialized feed
formulations and perfectly balanced minerals and supplements.

Darling's.... The Most Complete Line of Mineral Feeds

Minerals are natures key to proper livestock nutrition... but there is a difference
between one brand of mineral feeds and another.  You get exactly what you pay
for.  Darling's Mineral Line, formulated with quality ingredients, produces extra
dividends in the form of healthy, better doing livestock. Your Darlings Mineral Dealer
can supply the correct amounts for your custom mixing and free choice mineral
feeding program.

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"Where your Success is our Tradition"

High Quality Nutrition Products for all types of Livestock
These Cattle had an average weight gain of 2.6 lbs per day
using Darling's Big 4 R-1200 Mineral
Goehner Mills